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Top10 Activities
  • Top 10 Things To Do in Hong Kong

    Top 10 Things to Do

    Hong Kong is an endlessly fascinating destination due to its rich history, its cultural diversity and for its many faces. Here are ten of the best that Hong Kong has to offer. Read More...

  • Top 5 Tours in Hong Kong

    Top 10 Tours in Hong Kong

    With a vivid history still reflected in its architecture and cityscape, and one of the most distinctive skylines in the world, Hong Kong is ripe for exploration. Read More...

Activities by Areas

  • Cheung Chau Activities

    Cheung Chau Activities

    A hike up one of its hills on a clear day makes it easy to spot Hong Kong Island and Kowloon across the sea. Fun activities in Cheung Chau include swimming, kayaking, surfing and trekking. Read More...

  • Hong Kong Island Activities

    Hong Kong Island Activities

    Space is a bit less of an issue on Hong Kong Island than it is in Kowloon. However, the island has less easy access to the New Territories and for many, the only way to go is up or west to Repulse Bay. Read More...

  • Kowloon Activities

    Kowloon Activities

    Kowloon is jam-packed with activity options. With a rich history to look back on, the area boasts several world-class and interactive historical activities for both adults and youngsters. Read More...

  • Lantau Activities

    Lantau Activities

    There are not many places in Hong Kong that can match Lantau for bringing people and nature together. Many outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming and camping are available.  Read More...

  • Macau Activities

    Macau Activities

    With over 27 casinos, having a flutter on the roulette or trying your hand at a game of black jack is something to try even if it does feel a little out of character. As they say when in Rome.  Read More...

  • New Territories Activities

    New Territories Activities

    Many people have a mental image of Hong Kong as the world centre of stress but just try hiking or golfing in the New Territories to experience another side of the Hong Kong life. Read More...

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