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  • Cheung Chau

    Everything you need to know about Cheung Chau

    Cheung Chau (meaning long island) is about 10km southwest of Hong Kong Island. It is a popular place for people who want to escape the pressures of Hong Kong life, especially for the weekend. Besides the natural beauty to be found here, Cheung Chau has a rich culture, with historical temples, ancient rock carvings and the famous Bun Festival.

    The island used to be a fishing community and while some carry on in this traditional occupation, many of the younger generation commute daily to Hong Kong while others have opened hostels, seafood restaurants and shops to cater to visitors. 

CHEUNG CHAU Travel Guide
  • Where to Stay in Cheung Chau

    Cheung Chau Hotels

    This lovely island is an inexpensive place with a friendly atmosphere. For accommodation, there are a good number of holiday apartments and flats here and there. Read More...

  • Cheung Chau Attractions

    Cheung Chau Attractions

    The first thing that most visitors notice when arriving at Cheung Chau is that there are no high-rise buildings or cars. The island's roots are still in its fishing traditions. Read More...

  • Cheung Chau Restaurants

    Cheung Chau Restaurants

    Cheung Chau has gained a good reputation as a place to enjoy seafood at friendly prices. There are many restaurants along the harbour and the location couldn’t be more perfect. Read More...

  • Cheung Chau Nightlife

    Cheung Chau Nightlife

    Cheung Chau is only about 40 minutes away from Hong Kong therefore it's a popular destination during weekends and holidays. Visitors can head back to Hong Kong as late as 23:00 or even later. Read More...

  • Cheung Chau Shopping

    Cheung Chau Shopping

    Along the main thoroughfare (a waterfront promenade called Praya Road) from the ferry pier to Tung Wan Beach it is filled with restaurants and shops. Among them are many of souvenir shops. Read More...

  • Cheung Chau Activities

    Cheung Chau Activities

    A hike up one of its hills on a clear day makes it easy to spot Hong Kong Island and Kowloon across the sea. Fun activities in Cheung Chau include swimming, kayaking, surfing and trekking. Read More...

Cheung Chau Maps

Cheung Chau Maps

Our interactive map displays all available hotels with photos, as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest. The perfect way to find your way around and see where everything actually is. Read More...

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