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All Cheung Chau Attractions A to Z

The first thing that most visitors notice when arriving at Cheung Chau is that there are no high-rise buildings or cars. The island has a good infrastructure with schools, a hospital, hotels, holiday apartments and library, but its roots are still in its fishing traditions and have been since the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644).

The many colourful fishing boats lining the pier and the harbour are evidence enough of this. Famous places to visit include the Cheung Po Tsai Cave (aka Pirate Cave), Chi Ma Hang Family Path, Ancient Rock Carving and Pak Tai Temple.

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All Attractions in Cheung Chau

Ancient Rock-carving

This amazing ancient rock carving is believed to be about 3,000 years old. It faces the ocean and is located below the Warwick Hotel on the East Bay of Cheung Chau. The rock was declared a monument in 1982.

  • Location: Immediately below the Warwick Hotel on East Bay, Cheung Chau. Less than 10 minutes walk from the ferry pier.
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Beitiao Pavilion

This pavilion is perhaps the best viewpoint on Cheng Chau and it overlooks most of the island. It is set on one of the Cheung Chau’s highest points and is only a short walk from the ferry pier. The pavilion is built in traditional Chinese style.

  • Location: A short walk from the ferry pier

Cheung Po Tsai Cave

Cheung Po Tsai Cave is one of the most famous attractions on the island. It has a number of well-made signs directing people to it. The mysterious cave is believed to be the place where a famous 19th century pirate (Cheung Po Tsai) stored the loot that he and his men had plundered and robbed.

Legend has it that Cheung Po Tsai had about 2,000 men and 600 junks under his command. So far no one has discovered the treasure. From this location, you will have an excellent view of the coastline. The cave can be slippery, so a good pair of shoes is needed as well as a torch if you're planning on a treasure hunt.

  • Location: On the southwest tip of the islans, Cheung Chau. About 45 minutes by foot or 20 minutes by boat
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Chi Ma Hang Family Path

The Chi Ma Hang Family Path is often referred to as the 'Little Great Wall' though it is not actually a wall. It is constructed of blocks of whitish rock with railings. The path is quite long, running to a few hundred metres and along the way visitors can enjoy views of different rock formations. The locals seem to have had their imagination in overdrive while naming them and with monikers such as Human Head Rock (yes, it has everything that a face should have, with eyes and ears). The path is easily enough and worth trying with splendid views.

  • Location: Southeast of Chung Chau
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Kwun Yam Beach

Consisting of two beaches – Tung Wan Beach and Kwun Yam Beach – separated by a small headland, this is where locals and expats come to enjoy water sports. Kwun Yam Beach was originally made famous by windsurfer Lee Lai-Shan, Hong Kong’s first ever Olympic gold medal winner, who trained here. It’s home to Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre, which offers windsurfing, surfing and kayaking equipment for hire. From Tung Wan Beach, you can see Aberdeen and Lamma Island in the distance, which look particularly attractive at sunset. To reach Cheung Chau Island from downtown Hong Kong, take the ferry from Central Pier 5. The journey takes around 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of ferry.

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Pak Tai Temple

Built in 1783, Pak Tai Temple is dedicated to Pak Tai, the God of the Sea who is revered among the local fishing community as their protector. The building is a traditional Chinese structure with beautiful ceramic tiles and roof as well as animal images such as guardian lion stones.

It has large images of two Tao generals; Thousand Li-Eye and Favourable Wind Ear who were said to be able to see and hear anything, even at a distance. This temple is the central location of the Hong Kong's famous yearly event called the Bun Festival (or Ching Chiu in Cantonese), held each spring.

  • Location: A short distance to the left of the ferry pier, Cheung Chau
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Tin Hau Temple

There are several Tin Hau Temple, dedicated to the goddess of fishermen on Cheung Chau. For example there is one not far from Pak Tai Temple; another one is located north of Morning Beach and one more on the southwest of the island. Fishermen go to these temples to seek protection and good fortune before heading out to sea.

  • Location: Located 100m. northwest of the Pak Tai Temple.
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Did you know?

a) Visitors can pick up a free Cheung Chau map near the ferry pier before exploring the island

b) There are no cars or motorbikes on the island, except for police and fire fighters. Still, their vehicles are a lot smaller than usual as they were specially chosen to fit Cheung Chau's tiny roads. The hospital sometimes uses golf carts for transferring patients

c) “Hong Kong athletes are not rubbish!” proclaimed professional windsurfer Lee Lai Shan at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics after winning the first ever (and last) Olympic Gold Medal for Hong Kong before it changed hands. She was born in Cheung Chau.

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