What to Do in New Territories

All New Territories Attractions A to Z

The list of what to do in the New Territories is long, including a restored 18th-century walled village, Che Kung Miu Temple, the Monastery of 10,000 Buddhas and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum to name just a few. Although New Territories in Hong Kong is less visited by tourists, it has many unique attractions in store for those who get out of the downtown area - especially when it comes to the remarkable natural features and cultural relics. Escape to New Territories when you want to escape the urban jungle and you won't be disappointed.   

It is wise to get a copy of ‘Discover Hong Kong by Rail’ and ‘Major Bus Routes in the New Territories’ including area maps and other useful leaflets about New Territories before heading there. They are in English, free and available at any KHTB visitor centre and at any of the MTR train stations in the New Territories.

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Noah’s Ark Hong Kong

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong is an educational children’s activity with a genuine ark just like in the bible – and it’s huge! Read More...

Che Kung Temple

Che Kung Temple

Che Kung Temple is a Grade II historic building located in Tai Wai, Shatin. Originally built in the 17th century, it is Read More...

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a museum that combines the culture, art and history of Hong Kong. Even the modern history Read More...

All Attractions in the New Territories

Che Kung Miu Temple

Che Kung Miu Temple is a Grade II historic building located in Tai Wai, Shatin. Originally built in the 17th century, it is not open to the public anymore but the new temple was built in 1994 and is more than eight times the size of the original temple and is in the Japanese style and Read More...

  • Opening Hours: From 07:00 - 18:00
  • Address: Che Kung Miu Road, Taiwai, Shatin
  • How to get there: You can reach the temple by the MTR's East Rail Line (Tai Wai station) or Ma On Shan Line (Che Kung Mui station)
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Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a museum that combines the culture, art and history of Hong Kong. Even the modern history of Hong Kong is less than 100 years old, the mixture of Chinese and Western culture make it a unique place. The museum is located in Taiwan, Shatin. It is government funded and managed by Read More...

  • Opening Hours: Mon, Wed - Fri 10:00 – 18:00; Sat - Sun and public holidays 10:00 – 19:00
  • Address: 1 Man Lam Road, Shatin, Hong Kong
  • Tel: +852 2180 8188
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Hong Kong Railway Museum

Opened in 1985, the museum, formerly the Tai Po Market Railway Station, displays passenger carriage models and locomotives from around the world. The main building, built in 1913, is of indigenous Chinese architectural style, with many small figures decorating the exterior, such as are commonly found in existing old southern Chinese temples. It features a waiting hall and ticket office as well as many vintage photos of this area during the station’s construction.

  • Location: Tai Po Town, northeast New Territories
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Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong’s Wetland Park is a conservation area attracting visitors interested in discovering a greener side of the city-rich island. There are over 10,000 square metres of wetlands to explore and a 60 hectare reserve park with re-created habitats for wildlife including water fowl. Visitors to the park can spot birds, green turtles, fish, butterflies, mouse Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 every day except Tuesday with the ticket office opening at 09:30
  • Location: Tin Shui Wai, New Territories
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Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree & Tin Hau Temple

This colourful tree seems to be quite different from most trees from far away. Only when you come closer will you understand why. The tree, located beside the Tin Hau Temple in Lam Tsuen, is covered in bright red paper.

Legend says that once, a man who had a slow learning son made a wish to the tree for his son to do better in his studies. After that the son performed a lot better at school. Since then many people come to the tree and write their wishes on bright red paper and throw it as high as they can into the tree for their wishes to come true.

  • Location: Northwest of Tai Po, New Territories
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Lion Rock Country Park

Lion Rock Country Park is a country park, located in the New Territories, Hong Kong. It consists of approximately 5.57 square kilometres of land, including Lion Rock and Mong Fu Shek and their surrounding scenic hillsides, of which 3.48 square kilometres is forestry plantations.

  • Location: New Territories
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Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail

Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail To take this trail is to delve back into Chinese history. Visitors should allow at least an hour to walk this two-kilometre path as it is replete with historical buildings and structures, some from the 12th century, others from the 16th century. The walk takes in walled villages, ancestral halls, a study hall and a temple. Many belonged to the Tang Clan, the largest clan in the New Territories.

  • Location: Fanling Town, on the eastern part of the New Territories
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Ma On Shan Country Park

Some of Hong Kong's most dramatic landscapes lie within Ma On Shan Country Park, established in 1979 on the Sai Kung Peninsula. This park links with Sai Kung Country Park and Lion Rock Country Park. Besides barbecues, the park features the popular - but difficult - Ma On Shan Country Side trail stretching over three kilometres.

  • Location: New Territories
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Man Mo Temple in Tai Po

The compact Man Mo temple was built in 1891 as a place of devotion for Man, the god of literature, and Mo – the god of war. There are other temples under this name throughout China and even one on Hong Kong Island. Huge incense coils hang from the temple's ceiling that burn up to three weeks nonstop, leaving a heady scent and an exotic atmosphere.

Devotees burn paper houses, servants, cars and other luxuries for their relatives who have passed away (in the belief that the items can be used by them in the next life.) Many elderly people use the temple grounds as a socializing venue and play mahjong while others while away the afternoon in conversation.

  • Location: Tai Po Town, northeast New Territories
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Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Theme Park

Noah’s Ark Hong Kong is an educational children’s activity with a genuine ark just like in the bible – and it’s huge! They claim this is the world’s first ‘full scale’ replica although we’re not sure how to substantiate that claim. The Christian themed kid’s park is best suited to young children, although there is enough Read More...

  • Opening Hours: 10:00 - 18:00 (some exhibitions close earlier)
  • Address: 33 Pak Yan Road, Ma Wan Island, New Territories
  • Tel: +852 3411 8888
  • Price Range: HK$168 for adults, HK$138 for children and seniors
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Sam Tung Uk Museum

This Hakka walled village was built in the 18th century by the Chan Clan and was restored in 1981. The village once housed as many as 300 Chan family members. Sam Tung Uk museum is made up of houses with traditional furniture, kitchens and lavatories. There are also examples of life in the old days with original farming tools and such, photos and video of before and during the museum's restoration. It is quite amazing to see all these in a small walled village surrounded by tall, ultra-modern buildings.

  • Opening Hours: Wednesday through Monday from 09:00 – 17:00.
  • Location: Tsuen Wan Village, close to Tsuen Wan MTR station, New Territories
  • Price Range: Free
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Sha Tin Racecourses

The extra revenue raised was used to build Hong Kong's second racecourse, which opened in 1978 at Sha Tin in the New Territories. The Sha Tin Racecourse has transformed into one of Hong Kong's largest public parks, Penfold Park, enjoyed by thousands every weekend.

  • Location: Sha Tin Racecourse in Sha Tin, New Territories
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Tai Fu Tai Mansion

This beautiful traditional Chinese mansion was built in 1865 by the Man Clan. It is the only remaining Mandarin's house in Hong Kong and comprises a main hall, study room, bedrooms, kitchen, and a courtyard while close to the mansion is a mausoleum built to honour the Man’s ancestors.

The charming mansion was made out of granite and bricks and is adorned with colorful ceramic figurines, fine plaster moldings, woodcarvings, and murals.

  • Location: San Tin Town, central New Territories
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Tai Mo Shan Country Park

Tai Mo Shan Country Park is an extremely popular picnic, barbecue and recreation spot in the Hong Kong SAR. The park is home to Tai Mo Shan - Hong Kong's highest mountain, almost 1,000 metres high - known locally as Big Hat or Big Mist Mountain.

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Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Clambering up over 400 steps to see the Monastery of 10,000 Buddhas might take a bit of an effort but it is really worth it. Alongside the steps leading up to the temple, there are golden life-sized Buddhas peppered over the hillside.

At the top there is a pagoda that has many Buddha images of all shapes and sizes. All in all, there are over 13,000 Buddha images here and the view from the top is panoramic. A small vegetarian restaurant operates nearby the monastery.

  • Opening Hours: Daily from 09:00 – 17:30.
  • Location: Sha Tin Town, on the eastern part of the New Territories.
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Tsang Tai Uk (aka Shan Ha Wai)

This private property is a small, walled village built in the 1840s by the Tsang Clan, themselves stonemasons. Nowadays there are still many members of the original Tsang families living there.

Its design is in the northeastern Chinese style and it is one of the best-preserved Hakka walled villages in Hong Kong with thick, high walls, central and inner courtyards and ancestral halls. Most of the village is private with no access to the public and only the first courtyard is open for visitors as well as the ancestral hall opposite the middle gateway.

  • Location: Sha Tin Town, eastern New Territories.
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Tsing Yi Island

Named after a fish that once was abundant in the surrounding waters, Tsing Yi has three main harbours and a booming residential population. It is an island with green hills, houses on stilts – lending it a resemblance to Tai O – and a pleasant nature trail.

Believe it or not, one bay on the northwest coast of the island was, in the 1950s, a haven for nudists. However, this petered out in the 1960s.

Both of Tsing Yi's hotels boast marvellous views of Rambler Channel, which separates the island from Kowloon peninsula. So, come and enjoy the gorgeous views, night and day.

  • Location: New Territories
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