Noonday Gun

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The Noonday Gun is longstanding tradition in Hong Kong, started in 1860 during the time of British rule. Located on the waterfront in Causeway Bay, it is a popular tourist attraction thanks to its link with the past, having been started by the British Royal Navy. The exact origin of the daily noonday gun salute is up for debate, but it is claimed that a naval officer, annoyed by a Jardine Matheson official who fired the gun in honour of his boss leaving port (a custom reserved only for naval officers), ordered the company to fire the gun every day at midday from then on as punishment.

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As you would expect from the name, the gun is fired exactly at midday by a guard from Jardine Matheson (one of the original Hong Kong trading houses and now a huge finance company who owns the gun) and the shot can be heard from miles around. There is a little pomp and ceremony to the event, in keeping with its historic significance. The area remains open for 15 minutes afterwards for visitors to take photos.

The whole event doesn’t take much time out of your day and thankfully it is very close to the shops in Causeway Bay. It is easy to find by walking through Time Square Mall and up Gloucester Road to the waterfront. If you intend to take photos, it is recommended to arrive at least 20 minutes beforehand to get a good vantage point of the firing of the cannon and to give you some time in case you have trouble finding it.

Noonday Gun

  • Opening Hours: 12:00 (exactly)
  • Location: Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay waterfront (opposite The The Excelsior Hotel)
  • Price Range: Free
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