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    Where and What to Eat in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong's tasty treats, Food, glorious food! Possibly nowhere else in the world is dining out more celebrated than in Hong Kong, where foodies can revel in the broad scope of international cuisines within a compact area. Visitors from overseas can feel right at home thanks to the countless eateries serving delicacies from each and every continent, but Hong Kong's native cuisine is Cantonese, distinctly different from Szechuan and Shanghai taste.

    Cantonese fare reflects the traditionally health-conscious culture. Tonics and soups are prepared using carefully combined and measured ingredients to achieve the balance that is so important to the Chinese — the balance of yin (female or cool energy) and yan (male or warm energy), said to determine a person's overall well-being. Not a bit of goodness does a Chinese chef allow to go to waste!

Restaurants by Areas

  • New Territories Restaurants

    New Territories Restaurants

    As befitting of Hong Kong, you'll find cuisine from all over the world here and you'll be free to choose whatever style of eatery you feel like, from seaside to five-star hotel Read More...

  • Cheung Chau Restaurants

    Cheung Chau Restaurants

    Cheung Chau has gained a good reputation as a place to enjoy seafood at friendly prices. There are many restaurants along the harbour and the location couldn’t be Read More...

  • Hong Kong Island Restaurants

    Hong Kong Restaurants

    With so many people in such a small island there's a lot of hungry mouths to feed. Expect the weird and wonderful alongside the stately and traditional when it comes to dining Read More...

  • Kowloon Restaurants

    Kowloon Restaurants

    From high tea at the Peninsula to dim sum in a back alley, Kowloon has it all when it comes Read More...

  • Lantau Restaurants

    Lantau Restaurants

    Lantau Island might not be able to compete with mega-metropolis Hong Kong when it comes to food but there are still quite a few good dining venues to fit most people’s Read More...

  • Macau Restaurants

    Macau Restaurants

    The world-class standard of cuisine in Macau caters to the huge number of visitors to the island. And being a city of contrast it is easy to find cheap but quality dishes. Read More...

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