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A Symphony of Lights

"A Symphony of Lights" has been awarded the world's "Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show" by Guinness World Records. This nightly spectacle combines interactive lights on 33 key buildings with musical effects to showcase the glamorous night vista of Victoria Harbour.

The merrymaking continues with Hong Kong's popular dragon boat festival (Tuen Ng).

The festival commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, who drowned himself in protest against corrupt rule more than 2,000 years ago. Nowadays, dragon boat racing has become the main attraction related to the festival.

Each boat is decked out with a carved and vividly painted wooden dragon head and tail. On the boat sits a huge drum – the heartbeat of the dragon – used to synchronize the strokes of the paddlers. Teams of about 20 crew per boat train rigorously for months in advance of a race.

Modern dragon boat racing is the fastest growing team water sport and visitors gather in Hong Kong from across the globe to watch or participate in these exhilarating contests of skill and strength. Read More...

On April 20, Hong Kong celebrates the birthday of Tin Hau, the goddess of the sea – one of the region's most revered deities. Boats are decorated with showy banners giving thanks to the goddess for her protection.

Fervent prayers are made that the guardian of seafarers might continue to bestow her blessings of good weather, safe sailing, and full fishing nets. It is a great time to indulge in Hong Kong's abundance of fresh seafood.

During this historical festival, local people, especially fishermen, visit the numerous community temples devoted to the goddess bearing giant-sized offerings of paper flowers known as fa pau.

A colourful celebration featuring traditional rituals is held in Sai Kung, while in Yuen Long, in the New Territories, the kaleidoscopic parade of floats, lion dances, Chinese opera performances, boy scout troupes, cheerleaders and martial arts students attracts hordes of spectators. Read More...

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