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  • Hong Kong Weather and Geography

    Hong Kong Travel Information

    The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region – a territory belonging to the Peoples' Republic of China (PRC) – consists of: some 236 islands in the South China Sea, (of which Hong Kong Island is the most populated); Kowloon Peninsula; and the New Territories.

    Lantau is Hong Kong's largest island, while Hong Kong Island is the second largest. The Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories are on the mainland side of Hong Kong, north of Hong Kong Island, across Victoria Harbour.

    The New Territories district is separated from mainland China by the Shenzhen River.

    The name "Hong Kong", ("fragrant harbour"), historically comes from the Aberdeen vicinity on Hong Kong Island. Fragrant vegetation was once plentiful there, but it is, today, a well-developed residential and fishing area.

    Remarkably, of the Hong Kong SAR's 1,102 square kilometres (425 square miles) less than 25% is developed. Much of the remaining land has been reserved as country parks. Hong Kong is quite hilly; the highest peak is Tai Mo Shan, reaching a height of 957 metres (3,142 ft), located within a country park.

    Hong Kong is 60 kilometres (37 miles) east of Macau, a Chinese-Portuguese enclave famous for its colourful casinos and ostentatious hotels.

    Across the northern border of Hong Kong's New Territories lies the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province.

  • Weather in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong can be considered a year-round destination. With a mild climate from the middle of September to the end of February, and warm and humid weather from May to mid-September there really is no wrong time of year to visit.

    It is cool and dry in the winter (around December to March), and somewhat hot, humid and rainy from spring through summer; July records the highest average temperature. Autumn is normally warm, sunny, and dry. Hong Kong occasionally experiences severe rainstorms, or typhoons.

    About 80% of Hong Kong's rain falls between May and September, (it usually rains the most in August). For details about Hong Kong's weather, view the Hong Kong Observatory website.

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