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  • Hong Kong Top 10s

    The Best of Hong Kong: An Overview

    One of the most visually stunning cites of the world, Hong Kong is also one of the most culturally diverse. A stay in the city is bound to be an action-packed one and your choice of accommodation is very important to ensure that it is one full of good memories.

    Shopping features high on the Honk Kong 'what-to-do list' so have a glance through our shopping mall recommendations. The city's history is effortlessly interwoven with the present and that's why a tour around the places where history was made is a good idea.

TOP 10 Hong Kong
  • Top 10 Things To Do in Hong Kong

    Top 10 Things to Do

    Hong Kong is an endlessly fascinating destination due to its rich history, its cultural diversity and for its many faces. Here are ten of the best that Hong Kong has to offer. Read More...

  • Top 5 Tours in Hong Kong

    Top 10 Tours in Hong Kong

    With a vivid history still reflected in its architecture and cityscape, and one of the most distinctive skylines in the world, Hong Kong is ripe for exploration. Read More...

  • Top 10 Shopping Mall in Hong Kong

    Top 10 Shopping Malls

    Hong Kong really is a most impressive shopping destination. A fashionista hub, you'll find brand names galore at addresses like The Landmark, Harbour City and Times Square to name but a few. Read More...

  • Top 10 Restaurants

    Top 10 Restaurants

    There are more than 11,000 restaurants in Hong Kong offering cuisine from all around the world so it stands to reason that more than a few are excellent places to dine. Lovers of seafood will not be disappointed. Read More...

  • Top 8 Nightlife in Hong Kong

    Top 10 Nightlife

    Whether you prefer to party hard until the early hours, relax on a harbour cruise, or sip on cocktails from a sexy rooftop bar, these 10 picks will mean you're never short of things to do at night in Hong Kong.  Read More...

  • Top 8 Shopping

    Top 8 Shopping

    Check out the best places for shopping in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and other areas in Hong Kong SAR. From local markets to gigantic shopping malls, you are sure to find something special to purchase in Hong Kong. Read More...

TOP 10 Hong Kong Hotels
  • Top 10 Hong Kong Hotels

    Top 10 Hong Kong Hotels

    If you're looking for excellence in hotels, then you've come to the right place in Hong Kong. In a town where consumerism is the byword it stands to reason that visitors should receive the best.  Read More...

  • Top 5 Best Hong Kong Family Hotels

    Top 5 HK Family Hotels

    Family orientated hotels are able to strike the balance of necessity and fun; of function and enjoyment. Read More...

  • Top 10 Best Hong Kong Boutique Hotels

    Top 10 HK Boutique Hotels

    A lot of things in Hong Kong are compact. And so it is that Hong Kong has its share of boutique hotels designed to meet the needs of travellers who appreciate this form of hotel. Read More...

  • Top 10 Best Hong Kong Budget Hotels

    Top 10 HK Budget Hotels

    In a city that can get prohibitively expensive, it's good to know that alternatives exist. Hong Kong's budget hotels offer good, simple and clean lodgings.  Read More...

  • Top 10 Best Hong Kong Business Hotels

    Top 10 HK Business Hotels

    Hong Kong is a perennial business destination. It's a place for wheeling and dealing, where business decisions can cost or make millions of dollars. Read More...

  • Top 10 Best Hong Kong CBD Hotels

    Top 10 HK CBD Hotels

    Hong Kong - the businessman's dream destination and the delight of many visitors. And nowhere is more exciting, vivid and exotic as downtown Hong Kong. Read More...

Top 10 Best Hong Kong Luxury Hotels

Top 10 HK Luxury Hotels

Hong Kong has its fair share of glamour, glitz and bling. Hong Kong's hotels are rated highly and are well able to cater for the most experienced and demanding guests. Read More...

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