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All Things Chinese

The CRC (China Resources Company) department store is an emporium for locals and visitors alike to enjoy. The range of goods on offer is amazing – padded silk jackets, embroidered Chinese-style dresses and the latest electronic products all under one roof. The in-store supermarket sells mainly local food products. Best buys include teas, Chinese medicinal products, musical instruments, seals and handicrafts. And all along Hollywood Road in Central, there are Chinese antiques shops and galleries showcasing Asian art.

Brand-Name Goods

For designer style, look no further than sleek Versace at Times Square in Causeway Bay, colourful Hermes at Pacific Place in Admiralty and elegant Armani at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Escada, and Prada are yours to be had at almost every major shopping centre. Other popular brands in Hong Kong are Esprit and Bossini.


Shoppers should be careful when purchasing electrical items that come with warranties. Make sure you can get an international guarantee. Cheap items may not come with any guarantee whatsoever. Local retailers do not take responsibility for faulty products; instead, shoppers usually have to send them to the manufacturer for repair, and pay for it, unless the items were purchased from a licensed dealer.

Interior Decoration

Just about everything under the sun can be found in Hong Kong: from electronics and CDs to exquisite jewellery, from designer handbags and the latest sportswear to antique oriental furniture, and so much more. Bargaining for the right price is all part of the fun of shopping in Hong Kong.

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